Beneath every earth-shattering change lie countless ideas that distress the structural concepts and practices of our time – ideas that aim to meet relevant challenges no matter their size. Beyond the concept of “Ideas worth spreading,” or goal is to seek out and support such ideas within our community, as well as connect and inspire local innovators.


TEDxHUBerlin is providing a platform for faculty, alumni, and students of the Humboldt University of Berlin, as well as members of the greater Berlin community,  to share their inspirations and ideas. We don’t just bring people from different fields together; we provide them with the support they need to facilitate cross-field intuition and interaction.
TEDx HUBerlin is an opportunity to gain insights into the many directions of modern innovation – giving participants a greater understanding of the process towards the next great idea.


The next TEDxHUBerlin event will take place on November 30th at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Passionate, innovative speakers will present their “Ideas worth spreading” and bring the TED(x)-spirit to students of the HU Berlin and other Berlin universities.

More information about the TED and the TEDx program can be found at the About page.