Become part of TEDxHUBerlin

A community of endless curiosity for new ideas at the Humboldt University of Berlin

TEDx HUBerlin is an independently organized TEDx event, and is part of the greater Berlin TEDx community. TEDx HUBerlin is a non-profit event organized by volunteers. The cost of our venue, as well as food and beverages for our guests are prerequisites for a successful event. Please support us and help make TEDx a staple at HU Berlin. A partnership with us means that you share our vision of spreading new ideas and real innovation. TEDx HUBerlin offers its partners the following opportunities:



Networking opportunities with:

– High achieving students
– Meet our diverse audience
– TEDxHUBerlin Speakers
– Local Researchers and Innovators


Brand awareness

You’ll get the opportunity to:

– Promote your brand
– Showcase a project
– Become an innovator
– Raise local and global awareness



You will be able to:

– Access to inspiring ideas
– Foster your own ideas
– Help to push local ideas forward


Our Cause

Show your support for:

– A global push for change
– Awareness of compelling issues
– Innovation beyond slogans