Nominate a Speaker / Become a Speaker Main

Speak up! Do you have a passion, idea, or story worth spreading? Do you think outside the box, animate people to push their boundaries to greater heights, or push for change no matter the degree?

Give us a shout and tell us about your passion. What motivates you to become a speaker at this year’s TED Talk at the Humboldt University? Why do you think your idea is worth spreading? What makes your talk unique?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are constantly looking for new speakers for our TED Talks. It is not necessary to apply with a fully planned talk. Give us a short impression of your unique idea for this year’s TED event. Show us your speaking skills and passion by adding videos, interviews or other kinds of references. Take the first step, and we will be in touch shortly with the support you need to spread your idea.

Let’s proceed. During the upcoming months we will be reviewing the applications and will coordinate with you as soon as possible. We are aiming to find the best ideas to make the first TEDx HUBerlin an exceptional experience. Interviews and applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. If you are chosen, we will supply you with further information regarding your TEDx HUBerlin talk to give everyone the best TEDx experience.