Team 2017

Who we are, what we do and where we are going

We are a group of highly motivated students of the Humboldt University bringing TEDx to our Alma Matar for the first time in history.

We inspire change as a chance to achieve our goal of building a better future for people all over the world. We believe that free (T)education is necessary for this change. TED is the chance for us to inspire people to change for a better world. Therefore we present you local “ideas worth spreading”.

Artem Shramko

Co-Founder and Executive Producer

Maximilian Andres

Co-Founder, Marketing Director & Website Manager

Oleksiy Ostapenko

Co-Founder, Designer & Website Manager

Valerie Hofmann

Co-Founder, Sponsorships and Budgets Manager

Rawan Alraish

Finance and Event Manager

Pia Melissa Schreiber

Communications and Editorial Director

Konstantina Nathanail

Event Manager

Alice Schroeder

Sponsorships and Budgets Manager

Anna Pezold

Communications and Editorial Director