Walk the Talk. (2020)

The theme of our event this year is Walk the Talk.
Just as the value of a tree is judged by the quality of its fruits, the value of a practice is judged by the quality of its results. Communicating a great idea can make a contribution to the public struggle for future solutions more than ever before. However, a great idea often gets lost in the crazy shuffle of the day-to-day: It’s really hard to practice what you preach when you do not believe the sermon is the first place.
The core concept of ‘walking the talk’ is the change you want to see in the community, society, country and world. In other words, first communicating these changes to your surroundings.

The underlying point here is that they have meaning and they matter !. Aligning them is all part of living with integrity. Based on the theme, we want select speakers who have worked hard on their ideas and have progressed into different fields, technology, community welfare, finance and everything related that makes our world a better and safer place. This will give our potential speakers the opportunity to be in the spotlight and share their respective stories live as well virtually. Similarly, our audience wants to be inspired and leave with a message that they are “louder than words”.

If your WORDS and ACTIONS often meet each other, and you have an amazing story to share, this year’s event platform is for you!